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       Swing, R& B from the U.S. combine with Mento created Ska in the 40's.
       Ska gave birth to SKANKING. . . . more music history here!

Greater Antilles or Lesser Antilles there is a piece of Paradise awaiting you. 
Some facts about the islands are here for your review.

Who/What is Prymetyme?

Pryme Tyme (Prime time) my IN - has been uploading pages to the web since 1988 to each and every free site that would allow clean entertaining material and content.  Memory not being what it used to be started failing the numerous member passwords and codes. It was Prymetyme to have all the sites combined into one,  so I finally bit the bullet and purchased a site.  Thanks to all who continue to read my stuff and Many Thanks to those who refrained from sending me undesirable mail. 

If you enjoy the site, please save it in your favorites and recommend it to your friends.  Should you be offended by anything on this site, Please accept my apologies.

Enjoy your Life!

This site is F Y E

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