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Singing Melody – "Sweeter"
Once in a while, a new talent comes along and ignites a spark to the industry. Singing Melody uses his unique blend of Reggae and R&B styles to record music that will fit the context of the dancehall in Jamaica, as well as please fans abroad. Singing Melody is here with his debut VP release entitled "Sweeter".  These works range from catchy love ballads to flavorful Caribbean covers of some of today’s most popular songs.  If you are experiencing Singing Melody for the first time, make sure it’s with "Sweeter".- BUY IT
Fab 5 - Jamaican Dance Medley - 
The Fab 5 is one of Jamaica’s premiere live bands. "Fab 5 Live" is a Jamaican Dance Medley album with spice. It is certain that the songs of this album take you through a nostalgic but upbeat tour of Jamaica’s dance hit’s over some three decades.  "Fab 5 Live" features a medley of over 40 classic tracks, these include singles like ‘Oh Lawd’, ‘Greetings’, ‘Three Little Birds’, ‘West Bound Train’, ‘Night Nurse’, & ‘Buddy Bye’. - BUY IT.

Get Next To You - Glen Washington
Every once in a while, a new name is added to the Reggae Hall of Fame. In 1998 that name was Glen Washington. His debut VP release entitled "Get Next to You"  is excellent and it is filled with 13 out of 16 original works of art. These works range from catchy love ballads to firm conscious lyrics that you will find yourself humming along long after your album has left the stereo. Experience the hit songs, ‘Sweetness for Weakness’, ‘Forever Lovers’, ‘Jah Glory’, and ‘Call Me Baby’ or go back in time with the classics ‘If Loving You is Wrong’ and ‘True Love’.   If you are experiencing Glen Washington for the first time, make sure it’s with "Get Next to You," the album of the 90’s -  BUY IT.


 Fiona's Moment - Fiona 

Following in the footsteps of such greats as Lady Marcia Griffith O.D., Judy Mowatt, and Pam Hall, just to name a few. Fiona's moment has finally arrived. Born Fiona Robinson in May 1976, this sultry, seductive lover's rock phenom is now available for your listening pleasure. Fiona has already tasted international success gaining three nominations at the 1998 Tamika Reggae Awards.  - BUY IT.
Everyone Falls in Love - Tanto Metro & Devonte 
Tanto Metro & Devonte are coined the "Chaka Demus and Pliers deejay/singing combination" of the Next Millenium. Their first single "Everyone Falls In Love" has received rave international reviews and has seen great success here stateside at urban and crossover radio. All this excitement gave producer Donovan Germain of Penthouse fame the idea to do a whole album with this dynamic duo and with the okay from manager Patrick Roberts from Shocking Vibes, the album was conceived. - BUY IT.

Fab 5, one of Jamaica’s premiere live bands newest album is titled “Shape”  and features many hot tracks. “Shape” features flavorful singles from artists like Lovindeer, Grub Cooper, and Glenroy Samuels.  10 singles including tracks like ‘Mango’, the comedic single, ‘Viagra’, and the title track ‘Shape’ makes the album one to get.  Get it soon....




Sweep Over My Soul - Luciano
In an era where most artists are motivated by money, women and fame, Jamaican vocalist Luciano is driven by an entirely different engine. A deeply religious youth blessed with an undeniable voice, Luciano has become one of today’s most popular dancehall reggae singers by bringing a universal messages of spiritual hope.  Luciano received critical acclaim for his debut 1995 Island Jamaica release "Where There Is Life". The response to "Where There Is Life" was so strong that Luciano developed what every artist dreams of...a cult following! Luciano returned in 1997 with "Messenger", and a U.S. Messenger Tour. The Messenger tour and album was received well here and abroad.  Now after a short hiatus Luciano the man with the master plan returns with his newest release entitled, "Sweep over My Soul". This album features 11 beautiful tracks that are guaranteed to stimulate your mind, body, and soul!  This new album includes singles like, ‘Hold On,’ ‘Final Call,’ &and the title track. - BUY IT.



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