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My friends call me "Nettie" and some other choice names I dare not mention.  I was born in St. Mary, Jamaica West Indies before the Island gained independence and  migrated to  New York.  I have lived in Brooklyn, Queens, N.Y.C, South Carolina and now in Florida.  I have many, many hobbies and one of my favorites is creating web pages.  I started working on my first page a couple of years ago and I am constantly editing and upgrading.

I love Reggae music and have a good collection of records and C.D's.  Included in my site is a Tribute to the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley), some on-line reggae music samplers as well as links to some great Reggae sites.

Although I no longer live in Jamaica I am a "yardie" and visit there "yard" as often as I can.  When I am not on the island I am in Jamaica on the net.  I have some key places I like to visit in cyberspace and you can visit them too from my links page.

Come back soon!  The welcome mat is ever present.



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