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In every generation there is a reggae singer whom all the aspiring young acts try to imitate. From Bob Marley to Garnet Silk, there is always this inspiring voice which becomes the measure by which all aspiring talent is measured today; that voice is Sanchez.  No other singer since, Dennis Brown in the late 70's and early 80's, has had that influence on young reggae singers.

Born Kevin Jackson, in Kingston, 33 years ago, Sanchez's musical origins was in gospel.  His mother, an evangelist, encouraged him into the church choir.  Eventually, he became the lead singer for the senior and junior Sunday choirs at the Rehoboth Apostolic Church in Waterford, St. Catherine.  However, while attending high school in Kingston, he started drifting to secular music. His first single, "Lady in Red", hit the top 20 in 1987.  A year later he recorded one of his biggest hits to date, "Loneliness".

His previous hit albums include ‘Praise Him’, ‘One in a Million’, & ‘Brown Eye Girl’ with a number of major hits:

His 13th  album on the VP Records Label entitled "True Identity" was another hit album. This album features 12 tracks such as ‘I care for you’ - ‘I’ll always be true’, & ‘Thank God you’re Grown’.

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The latest from Sanchez is entitled “Who Is This Man”, features some of the most enlightening grooves sung by this very talented vocalist. “Who Is This Man” includes singles like the spirit-filled, ‘I Must Tell Jesus’, to the poignant, ‘Satan is a Loser’, to the melodic, ‘Amazing Grace’, Sanchez has put all of the gifts that God has given him into creating this, his newest work. -  BUY IT.
 Who Is This Man


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