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"The Doctor" the title conferred upon Moses Davis, the artist popularly known as Beenie Man is a mark of distinction that has placed him at the pinnacle of his profession.

This Grammy nominated DJ who brought you the 1998 great hit 
"Who am I" and several other hits
on albums like:
   -  The Many Moods of Moses
   - The Doctor ,& his latest Y2K
has earned him another title as the "Dancehall King".



The Legend of Beenie Man began on August 22, 1973 when Moses was born to Lilieth Sewell and Lloyd Davis in Kingston, Jamaica.  At the ripe young age of five, Beenie gave signals that he was an entertainer.  It would take 15 years of experimentation before Beenie was truly ready for the world.

1981 was the year Beenie made his debut as a recording artiste when Popular Jamaican radio personality, "Barry G" was so impressed with Beenie's performance that he introduced the young entertainer to producer Henry 'Junjo' Lawes.  Junjo gave Beenie the opportunity to make his first recording, "Too Fancy".  In 1984 Beenie Man recorded his first album, "The Invincible Beenie Man: Ten Year Old Wonder".  Later Beenie worked with Patrick Roberts and recorded two popular songs : "We Run Tings" and "Kipway" on the Shocking Vibes label.

1994 was the year the recording artiste, Beenie Man,
came of age.  "Matey", "Modelling" and "Slam" were some of the outstanding products of this remarkable year, stamped by some spellbinding performances from this most gifted
entertainer. Sting, Reggae Sumfest and the White River Reggae Bash would all feel his awesome presence.

Beenie, now unstoppable, won his first of four "Deejay of the Year" awards in 1994. Then came "Blessed" and his ambivalent relationship with Island Jamaica.  The album did not realize its potential despite the presence of the smash single "Slam".  Beenie however had to wait for almost a year before the opus "Maestro" was eventually released by VP Records.

Those who need to support claims of his durability will find solace in the fact that 1997 was a remarkable year in the life of Beenie Man. Seven number one singles and a thirty four week occupation of the number one chart position, are just a few of the many accomplishments which made 1997 such a distinctive period in a truly astounding career.

"Who Am I?", "Foundation", "Oysters & Conch", "Romie", "Missing You", "Dancehall Queen", and "Girls Dem Sugar" are now a part of the fabric of major 1997 hits.

On the Album "Many Moods of Moses" which could well have been dubbed the, "Versatility of Beenie Man", gives a clear demonstration that we are dealing with a
multifaceted artiste. It was the hit single "Who am I" that placed it on the top ten on American charts and signaled to the world that he was truly the "Reggae Dancehall King".  Other cuts from that album: "Ain't Gonna Figure It Yet",recorded in Nashville, Tennessee; the risque - "So Hot" featuring Lady Saw; the thoughtful "Steve Biko", and the
afrocentric "Sincerely" plus "Foundation" and "Oysters & Conch" makes this album a great seller.

His 5th Album "The Doctor" features some of Beenie's best work.  This album has everything from the rousing 'Gospel Time' to '100 Gal & More' and 'Let Him Go' along with some duets makes the album a great dancehall favorite.

Beenie Man has won four consecutive "Deejay of the Year" awards, an achievement unprecedented in its magnitude.

The newest album "Y2K" is expected to solidify Beenie Man's position as the true D.J. he has been in the past.
The outstanding tracks on this CD are 'Boggie Down', 'Greendolero' (a hilarious outlook about people with body odor) and Feel Good (with Leroy Sibbles). 

Click on Beenie's "Y2K" album cover to hear preview.
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